About Us

True North Principal Preservation Consultant Rob Meinhardt standing on the porch of a historic home in the South Addition Subdivision in Anchorage, Alaska.


True North recognizes the importance of preserving the past and the positive effect this will have on the sustainability of both rural and urban communities in Alaska. Property owners, developers, businesses, real estate agents, government agencies, and tribal entities have begun to realize the benefit of meeting the preservation standards of today without having to compromise the needs of future generations. True North assists clients in the pursuit of cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. Whether helping clients comply with or enforce historic preservation laws and ordinances, seek economic incentives for recycling the built environment, find a niche in the heritage tourism industry, retain the character of their historic neighborhood, or develop strategies to protect culturally sensitive resources, True North ensures quality consulting services for all your preservation needs.

About the owner:

Rob Meinhardt has a diverse educational background, including Bachelor of Arts degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master of Arts degree in Historic Preservation from Savannah College of Art and Design. He has 10 years of experience working in historic preservation as a Cultural Resource Specialist for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and is well-versed in Section 106 compliance. Rob has consulted with stakeholders of varying interests and geographical locations, and has experience in developing historic preservation plans for several types of historic properties throughout Alaska. His experience serving on various boards and commissions gives True North a competitive edge over other cultural resource firms in Alaska.

True North also takes pride in that its owner Rob Meinhardt is a Realtor for Northern Trust Real Estate, Inc. Rob’s commitment to providing quality representation and preserving Alaska‚Äôs built environment makes buying or selling a historic property in Alaska a rewarding experience.