Preservation Plans

True North provides a variety of preservation planning services, including the following:

  • Historic Structures SurveyReports
  • Historic Structure Reports
  • Adaptive-Reuse/Rehabilitation Plans
  • Historic Preservation Plans
  • Design Guidelines
  • Cultural Resource Plans

[Read more about Preservation Plans]

National Register Nominations

Listing historic properties in the National Register of Historic Places is one of the most important steps in achieving sustainable development.  The National Register is a way aproperty owner can show the community that he/she recognizes the cultural, historic, aesthetic, and/or use value of a historic property. [Read more about National Register Nominations]

Heritage Tourism Studies

Tourism is one of Alaska’s largest industries, and some communities may have an opportunity to use their past as a means for creating a niche in this market. Heritage tourism is a sustainable business venture in that it helps to sustain culture, preserves the built environment, and fosters economic development. [Read more about Heritage Tourism Studies]

Regulation Enforcement and Compliance

Whether interested in establishing ordinances to protect historic properties or complying with laws intended to preserve historic properties, True North’s owner has over ten years of Alaskan experience working with regulations and codes intended to protecthistoric propertiesfrom being adversely affected by development. [Read more about Regulation Enforcement and Compliance]

Real Estate Services

True North is licensed to sell real estate through ——Real Estate Services, representing individuals, developers, and business owners interested in purchasing a historic property in Alaska. Whether looking for a residential home with character or wanting to begin a business venture, let True North’s professional expertise in historic preservation and honorable salesmanship help find a historic building that meets your needs. [Read more about Real Estate Services]